Blister - Ultrafly 4
"Ultrafly 4 provides extra stability for runners who need more support"
Doctors of Running - ST-4
"This shoe is an excellent option for someone who is looking for a minimal, lightweight, road shoe that allows for natural foot"
Greatist - Phantom 2

 "Your feet will enjoy a comfy, springy midsole to help you bust through your miles"

Footwear News - Fli-Lyte 4
Given the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance and approval, the Fli-Lyte 4 makes a great option
The Trek - MT-4 Recension
"The fit is secure but generous, the uppers breathable and flexy and the foundation nicely balanced between flexible and firm"
Doctors of Running - Magnifly 4 Recension
"The Topo Magnifly 4 is a surprising 0mm drop option. It has a very lightweight feel with a 25mm platform of Zipfoam and is topped with one of the best (if not the best) uppers of the year"
RoadTrail Run - Trailventure 2 WP Recension
"It provides a lot of support for its relatively light weight (for a boot), is fully waterproof, and will grip just about anything you can throw at it, all while providing a comfortable and stable ride"
Feed The Habit - Runventure 4
This all-new design is definitely the most impressive one of the bunch with a gamut of features rounded out by eco-friendly finishings.
Runner's World - Phantom 2
"2022 RW Shoe Awards: Best Cushioned Shoes"
Road Trail Run - Ultrafly 4
"Topo leaned into the strengths of the UF3 and made an incredible upper even better"
I Run Far - Recension Ultraventure Pro
If you’re looking for a great all-around, ultra-distance trail shoe, the Topo Ultraventure Pro is a must-try.
Outside - Ultrafly 3
"This updated Topo Ultrafly provides an exceptional fit and a ride that blends comfort, stability and performance"
Run4Adventure - Ultraventure 2

"Straight out of the box it felt super plush" 

Outside - Ultraventure 2

"It is one of the best go-anywhere, do-anything trail shoes we tested"

Runner's World - ST-4

Topo's stripped-back ST-4 may be minimal in design, but it hits the maximum in versatility. These kicks work for running, agility training, weight lifting, and more


"We recommend the Topo Athletic Phantom 2 for slightly longer runs, and above all for more comfortable runs. With a wide forefoot and a lot of cushioning, it suits a lot of runners"


"Topo Athletic Ultrafly 4 är en unik produkt på så vis att skorna kommer från ett varumärke med natural running i sinnet men använder en traditionell metod att uppnå stabilitet"


"Med användbarhet som sträcker sig bortom namnet är MTN Racer 2 en perfekt mittpunkt mellan väldämpad löpkänsla och friktion, vilket gör skon till ett fantastiskt val för trail-löpare"


Topo levererar en modern, lätt löparsko som är kul att springa i, mer racing än andra men fortfarande helt i linje med varumärkets ideal om lägre drop och en anatomisk passform.

"Topo Specter är ett stort steg framåt för bolaget"

"Topo has taken the strengths of the Ultrafly 3 and made the already really good upper, even better."

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