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Kofuzi - Cyclone 2 (April 2023)
Kofuzi har gjort en recension av Topo Athletics snabba Cyclone 2
Runner's World - Cyclone 2 (July 2023)

The Cyclone 2 acheives that magic trick of providing more cushioning and more energy return in a lightweight package

Expressen - Ultraventure 3 (March 2023)
"Generous width gives great stability"
Expressen - Phantom 2 (March 2023)

"One of the best shoes we tested"

Triathlete - Specter (March 2023)

Ask A Gear Guru: Should I Buy Supershoes?

Doctors of Running - Specter (January 2023)
Running Shoes for People with Haglund's Deformity
Runner's World - Specter (Dec 2022)
Topo Athletic’s Specter Mixes “Super Shoe” Design and Barefoot Philosophy. Fast splits and full toe splay, in the same package.
Ultrarunning Magazine - Specter (Sep 2022)
the 5mm midsole drop accommodates heel strikers as well as midfoot strikers
Triathlete - Specter (August 2022)
this rockered super lightweight trainer/racer gets you on your toes faster and feels tuned more for higher cadence and energy
Outside - Specter (July 2022)
Topo Athletic’s Most Cushioned Road-Running Shoe Is Its Best Ye
Road Trail Run - Specter (June 2022)
Light, fast, and smooth, the Specter is the do-it-all natural running companion you’ve been waiting for!
Run Oregon - Specter (June 2022)
I did notice a nice rebound in these shoes – they are really snappy and responsive. They also provide a surprisingly soft ride
Greatist - Ultraventure PRO (March 2022)
They boast a megagrip outsole that offers killer grip and traction on many terrains.
The Trek - Ultraventure PRO (January 2023)
Topo Athletic designed this shoe to combine the rugged, all-terrain durability of a long-distance hiking shoe with the streamlined minimalism of a trail runner.
Women's Running - Ultraventure PRO (Dec 2020)
If you like to mix long runs or thru hiking on hardscrabble terrain, where protection, durability, stability and comfort
Ultrarunning Magazine - Ultraventure PRO (Nov 2020)
They met virtually every expectation we had for a 100-mile shoe, and caused no critical foot issues along the way.
The Trek - Ultraventure PRO (Nov 2020)
Excellent design for thru-hiking and trail running, wide toebox, snug heel, lacing accommodates wide range of foot shapes
Believe in the Run - Ultraventure 3 (Nov 2022)

Topo Athletic revamped its Ultraventure 3 for 2022, and our team fell in love at first step

Doctors of Running - Ultraventure 3 (Nov 2022)
Give the Topo Ultraventure 3 a try.
Ultrarunning Magazine - Ultraventure 3 (Nov 2022)
 It’s a dependable, workhorse-style shoe that can handle long runs, high volume training and ultramarathons 
Believe in the Run - Ultraventure 3 (Nov 2022)
The Topo Athletic Ultraventure 3 is easily one of the top high-stack trail shoes of 2022