Skor att vara ute i. Vi skapar hållbara skor och skor som är bra för miljön., Skor att vara ute i. Vi skapar hållbara skor och skor som är bra för miljön.,


We believe in a commitment to quality, both in our product and our daily actions that impact our world. We are dedicated to creating positive change in meaningful ways for our environment, communities and employees.

Today, our company is still relatively small, but that does not hinder our commitment to create positive change, every day, in small but meaningful ways:


Early on, TOPO was involved as a member of The Conservation Alliance.
Our products are simple, by intention. Reduced materials and fewer manufacturing steps result in more natural-feeling footwear and less impact on our environment. 

We strive to make an impact through responsible office practices: like being nearly paperless, using non-chemical dish soaps and cleaners, and reducing waste by recycling and upcycling all products and packaging materials.

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The best way to stay connected to the world around us is to be engaged and part of our local community.

Whether we donate shoes to "Back on My Feet" or whether we take a stand against injustice in the world through our partnership with In Solidarity and Camber Outdoors, Topo and our employees do everything to be a positive driving force on a national level but not least in our local communities.


We respect the values of our employees, whether they are employees in the office, work with our production or if they are our retail partners. Regardless, everyone's input is important to us, and nothing is too small for any of us here at Topo - everyone helps where we can. Because without all our fantastic employees there is no Topo and it is thanks to them that we continue to grow and succeed worldwide.

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