Running shoe lacing methods and tips to help you find your perfect fit.

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High Arches

This lacing technique helps the shoe provide additional support to prevent supination from getting in the way of comfort.

Skosnörning, parallellknytning, lydiardknytning. Så här kan du knyta dina skor för mindre tryck mot fotryggen

Too tight on top

Sometimes called “parallel lacing” or “Lydiard lacing”, this technique keeps tension away from the upper.

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High Midfoot

This technique helps stop over-pronation and improve stability on the track or trail.

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Flat Feet

This lacing technique for flat feet keeps the shoe very snug around the foot to help advance your experience.

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Heel Slipping

Keep your foot in place while in motion by using this lacing technique to avoid heel slipping, which may result in instability, distraction, and accidents.

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Toe Pains

Allow for more space in the forefoot by using this techniques to adjust tension for better toe splaying.

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Swollen Feet

This technique relieves upper tension for a more comfortable ride when your feet are slightly swollen from training.

Hur ska man knyta sina löparskor? Hur knyer man skor för hög hålfot. Skosnörning

One Area Too Tight

By applying this technique right, you can even out certain pressure points and avoid foot fatigue.

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Narrow Heel & Wide Forefoot

If you’re looking for more room and breathability in the interior of your shoe, use this special lacing technique that allows you to change the tightness of grip throughout your run.