Natural Running, Vad är natural running? Att löpa naturligt

What is Natural Running?

There isn’t just one definition of natural running. What it means to Topo, or to you, may be different, based on your experience as a runner. We’ll get into that later. For now, let’s start with the basics, from Topo’s perspective.

When you think of natural food, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Organic? GMO-free? And when you think of natural body care products, what does it say on the label? Presumably the product is paraben-free and without chemicals. What is recurring is that synthetic elements change a product, make it less natural, and maybe even worse for you. 

The same goes for running. In its purest form, running is based on the whole body functioning as a system, which starts at the feet. When you run, your body knows how to use the feet for shock absorption, pressure and propulsion, the body knows this because that's how we evolved. On the other side of the spectrum, you have the traditional running shoe with a lot of extra stuff, mostly under your foot, that tries to "correct" and "help" the way you move. 

“In its purest form, running relies on the entire body working as a system, starting with the bare foot”

Natural running är löpning som låter sig bli ett med naturen och låta sin krop vara i sitt naturliga stadie när du löper
Löp effektivt, både i stan och ute i naturen. Natural running tar dig tillbaka till det naturliga stadiet av löpning

Here's another way to think about it: Over millions of years, the human body has evolved to run long distances efficiently, mostly for hunting and usually barefoot or in thin soles. Our bodies are evolutionarily designed to run with efficiency. Some would even say it's part of our DNA. Running shoes have only been around for 50 years, and running shoes with extensive cushioning and stability features have only become available in the last 35 years.

“Our bodies are evolutionarily designed to run with efficiency. Some would say it’s part of our DNA”


Does this mean we should all run barefoot? Absolutely, it would be great, and some people can. But for the majority of us, this is not practical. In addition to the fact that we have had shoes throughout our lives, we also have a desire for warmth, comfort and protection. 

So, we got an idea: Let's create a minimalist running shoe that lets your feet be just feet, but which at the same time offers comfort and protection. Let's make a roomy toe box, so your toes can naturally spread out for balance, control and arch activation. Let's keep the platform flat, or mostly flat, so your foot lands, loads, and distributes impact more normally. And, let's do this with varying levels of comfort and protection so runners can transition toward a more natural stage over time, without having to drastically change their training. At Topo, we call this the intersection of primal and practical, the evolution of natural running. 

Natural Running is based on a healthy body that is mobile, stable and strong. Even before you put on a pair of Topo's, should you learn about your own underlying biomechanics. If your body mechanics are out of balance then there is no shoe that can correct that. For us, the mission is simple: offer training and resources that help runners become more mobile and stronger, and then back it up with natural running shoes that will help you find your most organic state of running. 

We are often reminded by our users that natural running transcends shoes. It's about the feeling you feel, the feeling of your body working in harmony and feeling connected to the world. 

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“At Topo, we call this the intersection of primal and practical, the evolution of natural running.”