Expressen - Phantom 2 (March 2023)

"One of the best shoes we tested"

Facts about the model: Running shoe with maximum shock absorption for distance and
recovery session. The midsole provides very soft cushioning closest to the foot and a slightly firmer and more energy-releasing cushioning closest to the ground. Extra durable outer sole and spacious toe box.

Opinion: A shoe with very high comfort that makes it sit comfortably from the moment you tie it and throughout the day, if you want to keep them on even in the office. Fantastic cushioning, even for the slightly heavier runner. Absorbs shocks very well even on uneven terrain. When the foot is loaded, the toes have plenty of room to spread throughout the toe box, which gives a feeling of stability on a wonderfully springy foundation. Great to have a shoe that works for trail as well as on asphalt! Is dry on the inside even in rain and snow and effectively ventilates moisture that could lead to sweaty feet. Clever friction in the laces that makes the knot stick and smart lacing that makes it tighten well around the foot with even pressure. A real quality cow with substantial gluing and strong seams. Also works when playing floorball and padel. Almost as light as a pair of flip flops, but with all the features you could want to be spurred on to run longer and faster.

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