Guide to tying your running shoes in the best way

When choosing jogging shoes, it is important to think not only about the brand or model, but also about how to tie them for optimal comfort and performance. Topo Athletic running shoes, known for their wide toe box and high comfort, offer a unique fit that feels best when tying the shoes correctly to really experience the benefits. In this post, we go through step by step how you can tie your Topo Athletic running shoes in the best way.

Why is it important to tie your running shoes correctly?

Properly laced running shoes ensure that the foot is held firmly, reducing the risk of injury and improving your running efficiency. With Topo Athletics' wide toe box, your toes get room to spread out naturally, which increases balance and stability during running. But to really reap these benefits, it's important to tie your shoes correctly.

Step-by-step guide to how to tie your Topo Athletic running shoes

  1. Start by sitting down with the shoe in front of you. This gives you the best possible control over the lacing and ensures that you can adjust the pressure evenly throughout the process.
  2. Strike the ropes. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Make sure the laces are flat and not twisting, as this can create uncomfortable pressure points under the foot.
  3. Lace your shoes loosely at the toe box. With Topo Athletics wide toe box, it is important not to lace too tightly in the front of the shoe. Allow your toes room to move.
  4. Use hook lacing if necessary. If you feel that your heel is slipping or you want extra support around the ankle, use a so-called "hook lacing" or "lock knot" where you make an extra loop with the laces to tighten them tightly around the ankle.
  5. Tie a stable knot. Finish with a double knot to ensure the laces don't slide up during the run. This is especially important for longer runs or trail running where the shoes are subjected to more movement and stress.
  6. Test the shoes. Stand up and walk a few steps in the shoes. Jump a little and jog instead. Feel how the shoes fit on the feet. They should feel comfortable and supportive without squeezing too much anywhere.

Learning how to tie your running shoes correctly is just as important as choosing the right shoes for running. By following these steps, you can maximize the comfort and efficiency of your run, thereby improving your performance and reducing the risk of injury. So the next time you prepare for a run, take a few extra minutes to tie your shoes carefully – your feet will thank you! In our post on how to lace your shoes, you can see 9 different techniques for how to lace your running shoes in the best way.