One year with Topo

Bergsvandring i solnedgången under vintertid. Vandring bland snöklädda toppar

It has been an exciting year here at Topo Athletic with many new shoes. Over the past year we have launched running shoes for both road and trail running and in this post we will guide you through this year's news. With the help of this post, you may be able to discover your new running shoes, jogging shoes, gym shoes or trail shoes. Our shoes are created for you who are looking for a more natural running experience, this as our shoes are made in a way that allows you to take part in the benefits of natural running and while retaining the best elements of a traditional running shoe. 

Ultraventure 3 

Ultraventure 3 blue blue

In December, we launched our most cushioned trail shoe to date. The Ultraventure 3 is the latest shoe in the Ultraventure series and is also one of our most loved trail shoe series. In this new updated version of the Ultraventure, we raised the platform for more protection and even more comfort, so you can feel safe and comfortable throughout your run or hike in nature. Ultraventure 3 also has a new sustainability mindset and each pair is created with three recycled plastic bottles. In a review from Believe in the run they write that Topo Athletics Ultraventure 3 is easily one of the best high-stack trail shoes to come out in 2022. Furthermore, they write that all the new updates that went into the creation of the Ultraventure 3 lead to a completely new experience, which they believe will be appreciated by the runners, both people who had not previously tried the Ultraventure and by those who liked the previous versions. 



Pursuit terrängsko för dam

During the autumn, the Pursuit was launched, a cushioned trail shoe with a 0mm drop and is made for technical terrain. The platform made with a ZipFoam™ midsole guarantees you a soft and resilient ride out in the terrain and with the outsole with Vibram® Megagrip, you have optimal grip and slip resistance, you can feel safe in every step. Like all our trail shoes, the Pursuit is compatible with ours gaiters which keeps out dirt, stones and twigs. The Trek writes in their review of the Pursuit that the Vibram soles are one of the big reasons why they recommend this off-road shoe. Pursuit is a trail shoe for those who want a shoe with a 0mm drop, secure grip regardless of the surface and are cushioned. With this trail shoe you will conquer any trail you take on and have a secure grip with every step you take. 


Magnifly 4

Magnifly 4 purple

Magnifly 4 is the ultimate 0mm drop running shoe with high comfort. The new updated upper is created with sustainability in mind and each pair is created with three recycled plastic bottles. Magnifly 4 comes with ZipFoam™ in the sole which contributes to comfort and a soft feeling in every step you take. We highly recommend Magnifly 4 for those who want to start running in running shoes with a 0mm drop or approach a more natural way of running. In a review get Road Trail Run they write that the Magnifly offers plenty of cushioning with a soft and comfortable feel, which they'd recommend for first-time runners. Thanks to the comfortable midsole, these training shoes are suitable for both running and walking, making the Magnifly 4 your new go-to shoe. 


Ultrafly 4

Ultafly 4 löparskor för dam och herr

Ultrafly 4 is the latest addition to the Ultrafly family. In this new updated version of the favorite Ultrafly, we have kept everything that made the previous versions favorites. We have put a lot of focus on updating the upper part of the shoe, to create an even better running experience. It's a training shoe that's great for all types of training, whether you want to run long distances or just have a pair of comfortable shoes at the gym. The Ultrafly 4 is the perfect shoe for those looking for a running shoe that easily counteracts pronation and that offers a soft and flexible run. The shoe is also suitable for those who want a slightly higher drop but still have the characteristic Topo fit with a wide toe box and secure fit around the midfoot and heel. 


Coming soon 

Specter topo athletic, Specters uppbyggnad

In the spring, Specter will finally come to us! Specter is our first high-cushion performance running shoe that is specially designed for long-distance running at high speed on hard surfaces. Of course, this new addition comes with our signature fit with a wide toe box and secure fit around the midfoot and heel. With its 5mm drop, the running shoes suit you regardless of whether you run with heel strike or if you are a midfoot runner. Specter is a lightweight running shoe that comes with a lot of cushioning and good grip that makes this an obvious favorite for you who like to run long distances.