Size and fit

If you have specific questions regarding models, which one is right for you or if you have thoughts about our models. Contact us more than happy and we will go through it and find your perfect shoes together!

You will find the size table on each model page, if you do not find what you are looking for, just contact us.

All Topo shoes have a distinct fit - with a focus on a tight fit around the heel and the ankle, to then have a very generous toe box. If you feel that you need a little help along the way, feel free to contact us

Topo's are ergonomically designed according to the natural shape of the foot - where we place great emphasis on support around the ankle and heel to then provide more space in the toe box. All our shoes are "True to size" and we recommend that you use your regular size when ordering a pair of Topo Athletic shoes. If it should be the wrong size, there are no problems, the first 30 days you as a customer have a free return and can thus change to another size.

At the moment we do not have any specifically wide lasts on our shoes, but this is certainly something that will be with us at Topo in the future!

Our women's shoes are generally a D-last in the forefoot with a B-last from the hollow foot and back.

For men, we have E / EE in the front fort and D-read from the hollow foot and back to the heel.

Order / Returns / Exchanges

For the first 30 days, you as a customer have a free return with the return slip that came with your first shipment. This means that the shoes are unused and that all patches remain on the shoes.

Should you want to return something anyway for some reason or lost your return slip, just email us at so we help!

Special return regulations apply to sale products, these conditions can be found on the product page.

Fortunately, this happens very rarely, but sometimes you are unlucky and get a pair of shoes that simply do not measure up. If this happens, please contact us immediately with a picture and a small explanation of what is wrong, we will of course put everything right!

Via this website we can only send within Sweden, do you live elsewhere or want to send a pair of Topo to someone in another country, we ask you to make sure

Unfortunately, as soon as your order is confirmed, we can not make any changes, as they immediately go to our pick & pack warehouse.

We ask you to contact us at if you need any assistance with your order

General questions

All of us who have tested a pair of Topo know that they have a very unique fit that is adapted to the foot's ergonomic shape. However, the way you tie the shoes plays a very big role in the general fit, we have some tips & tricks on how to tie the shoes that you can take part of here!

All Topo's models are designed with a very small drop. We believe that this helps and promotes a natural load on the foot through your running step. That being said, you do not need to change anything in how you run

Do not wash your Topo shoes in the washing machine, nor do they dry in the dryer.

Start by removing the insole, this should be cleaned with a damp sponge and a mild detergent, after this you can rinse out the sole with warm water and let it air dry, but not in direct sunlight.

If you expose the shoes to extreme heat, the shoes can delaminate, or that some of the materials we use lose their function.

We do not use latex or animal products as materials or adhesives in our models. Rekovr is the only shoe in our catalog that is not vegan, as it has ethically produced wool as one of its materials.

Topo's ambassador program

Sure we do! Our ambassador program runs according to the calendar year. By the start of every year we select a majority of our ambassadors.

We accept new ambassadors at the beginning of each calendar year. We also have a rolling admissions form for candidates to express their interest in the program. We will reach out to candidates throughout the year with any updates on open positions! Please email for more information.
Anyone who is a fan of Topo Athletic can apply to be an ambassador. You don't need to be an elite or professional athlete to apply. We are simply looking for athletes who identify with our company mission, use our shoes regularly as part of their healthy and active lifestyle, and are comfortable with sharing their positive Topo experiences with their broader communities.
Topo Athletic has had the honor and privilege of signing on our first professional athletes in 2017. If you are a professional athlete with a passion for Topo footwear and your community and would like to be considered for a sponsorship, please send us a note introducing yourself to