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What is Isaberg Tail?

Isaberg Trail is about the passion for trails. All winding, steep, narrow, technical, wide, rocky and amazing trails. If you, like us, love to whiz by on a mountain bike or with trail shoes on your feet, you know what we're talking about. The feeling when you find that perfect path. We found all of this at Isaberg, and of course we want to share it with as many people as possible. Therefore, we organize a number of different races and events that have one thing in common - trails. 

PS The races have several things in common - altitude meters and forest. Isaberg is also known as southern Sweden's Åre and is a popular ski resort in winter. Fantastic close-to-the-forest experiences, in other words. 

Who is behind the Isaberg Trail?

Isaberg Trail is run by three Niklas, Geir-Inge and Martin, three endurance geeks who love to organize races and events that we ourselves want to participate in.

What will happen in the year 2024?

2024 will be an eventful year...

We are kicking off the season on April 21 with an awesome trail race – Isaberg500. The race that created the foundation for the Isaberg Trail. About 10.5 km and always at least 500 meters in height. Beautiful, tough, magical. Of course, the children also get their own spectacular race - isaberg Kids Trail. 2km and 150 meters in height. From the bottom of the hill, up to the top and down again.

May 10-11 is the time for the cycling season to start with the Isabike Festival. Squeeze on new bikes, test ride, go to clinics, lectures and join a guided tour.

On June 2, we are organizing Isabike Gravel, one of three races in the newly started SWE Cup Gravel (Swedish cup). 12-16 miles of wonderful dirt road cycling where you are surrounded by forest and lakes.

August 17-18, a sub-competition in the Scandinavian pumptrack series will be decided in the Nordics' largest pumptrack. Guaranteed fast-paced and spectacular.

The season ends with a race down the mountain – Isabike Enduro. 6 fast-paced and technical sections down the mountain with enduro bikes. The competition is the last competition in the SWE Cup Enduro.

What is the vision and goal of the Isaberg Trail?

The vision is to offer wonderful near-the-forest experiences and get more people to discover the joy and pleasure of being active in nature.

What is the best thing about the Isaberg Trail?

Meeting people who complete a tough challenge or try something new with a smile on their face.