Ida Eriksson

Studies/location: Härjedalen's high school in Sveg with a sports focus in biathlon

Age: 18 years

Instagram: idaerikss0n

How did you start running?

Running has become a natural part of my elite effort in biathlon. When I decided to start investing for real before high school, I started running more and more, and at first I wasn't very fond of it. But the more I developed and got better, the more I began to appreciate running as a form of exercise. Today I love running and the freedom it gives me. Of the hundreds of hours that I train every year in my biathlon venture, running makes up a large part of those hours. Running on the mountain is my favorite workout!

Do you have a special ritual before a race?

I usually follow my warm-up plan, visualize the race as mental preparation and listen to Veronica Maggio

What are your best recovery tips after a race?

What I always do to recover after a race is make sure to warm up properly afterwards to get rid of lactic acid, stock up on quick energy and sleep well.

On the days you don't feel like working out, what motivates you to do it anyway?

On the days when motivation is lacking, I try to remind myself that every session I do takes me a little closer to the goal of success in my sport. I try to take with me the feeling I have on the days when the motivation is there and pick up that feeling on the days that feel heavy.

Which shoe from Topo is your favorite and why?

The Ultraventure 3 is a shoe that I really like. I mostly run off-road which means I like the grip of the shoe and I think the fit suits my foot very well. I think the stability of the shoe is a security when I run in slightly more difficult terrain where it is easy to step crookedly. It's a shoe I feel comfortable in!